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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin coverings placed over a tooth or teeth that are chipped, stained or misaligned. They are usually used on the front top teeth, are made of porcelain and are similar to false nails. Veneers improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile in terms of colour, positioning and shape. They are a quick and easy way to restore confidence in the appearance of your teeth and require very little preparation work, unlike some other cosmetic dental procedures.

If you are considering having porcelain veneers fitted, your dentist will first take an impression of your mouth so that your veneers can be made to fit precisely. Your dentist will also choose a shade of porcelain that most closely matches the colour of your existing teeth, meaning that the veneers will appear very natural and people will not know you have had them fitted.

Veneers are perfect if one tooth has become chipped or stained, and they can also be used to cover more than one tooth or to straighten up a misaligned teeth or to cover small gaps when orthodontic treatment such as braces is not deemed appropriate.

Once your veneers have been made, they are precisely fitted to your existing tooth or teeth using a strong, glue-like bonding material.

If you are considering having treatment such as tooth whitening as well as having porcelain veneers fitted, you should discuss this with your dentist first. Tooth whitening systems do not work on veneers the same way they work on natural teeth, so it may be recommended that you have whitening treatment before having your veneers made to match the new, improved colour of your existing teeth.

Last updated: 27.01.2023 11:06:08